Actor’s Mind™ represents a proactive, creativity-based approach to learning and behavioural change.
Our workshops challenge delegates to think through the problems they face, identify a new, better state of affairs they want to create for themselves, and develop, though experience, the skills they need to create it.

Actor’s Mind™ workshops emphasise experiential learning.
Delegates will not come away with a checklist of what they should do, but with a sense of excitement, a feeling of capability, and the experience and practice of those qualities and skills they need to achieve their goals.

In Actor’s Mind™ workshops, the craft of acting provides the basic skill set.
Whether the workshop deals with Leadership, Selling, Presentation, Facilitation, or Interpersonal Skills, the fundamental task is learning to Communicate. In this, the Theatre gives us our benchmark, and the communication skills of the actor our starting point for developing new, more resourceful behaviours.

Actor’s Mind™ workshops focus clients on taking responsibility for change.
What we provide is a laboratory for learning: A safe space where people are free to experiment with new behaviours, to challenge themselves, take risks, make mistakes, clarify what they want and practice the skills they need to get it. A place for them to inspire each other and uncover their hidden abilities. But the workshop itself can only create opportunities. It is up to the individual delegate, and indeed, the client organisation itself, to seize them.

Actor’s Mind™workshops aim to enable people to go beyond themselves:
To tap their inner resources and release their talents so that they can create greater value for themselves and the organisations in which they work.