Andrew Harmon has spent the first 61 years of his life trying to make sense of it. A theatre director, playwright and acting teacher with a special interest in improvisation, he has trained managers and coached leaders in business and organizations since 1986. As a director and acting teacher he has worked not only in the UK, but in Sweden, Finland, France and the United States, running courses for many institutions including the Swedish State Theatre School in Malmo and the National Theatre Studio in London.

In 1991 he joined forces with Anita to form Actor’s Mind and they began a 10 year association with Price Waterhouse (later PWC and IBM Business Consulting) to help develop consultants skills in the areas of presentation, facilitation, selling and leadership.

In 1999 he began to research how leaders interact with the organizations they seek to change. His research revealed an underlying drama in the change process, which, because it feels so threatening, is often unacknowledged and poorly understood. He now gives talks and workshops on "The Dramatic Structure of Leadership", based on his findings, to help leaders face up to the drama and use it’s archetypal conflicts and crises to enable the change process.

Andy holds a BA (Fine Arts 1968) and an MFA (Theatre and Film 1970) from Brandeis University and studied improvisation with American theatre guru Viola Spolin (1978-80). A Zen practitioner since 1983, he is a certified facilitator of Zen master Genpo Merzel Roshi’s ‘Big Mind' process. He is a member of The Writer's Guild (UK), British Equity and the Director's Guild of Great Britain. He and Anita have two children, Jacob and Cariad, who make more sense than anything else.