Anita Harmon Dip Psyc is a psychologist and teacher with a particular interest in moral development and the creative mind. Formerly an actress and impro-visation teacher she co-founded Actor’s Mind with her husband, Andy, in 1991. She began studying psychology with Sophie Lowenstein at the Harvard University Extension Program in Boston in the early 1970’s and trained in family therapy at the Boston Family Institute. In 1976 she became a full time mother to her children, Jacob and Cariad, returning to work in 1983 as an actress and improviser. She founded Actor Aid to produce Improvisathon ’85, a 12 hour improvisation marathon to raise funds for the famine relief efforts of the Band Aid Trust.
She trained in psychotherapy for three years at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London (’86-’88), and began 5 years of private practice specialising in work with musicians and artists. She has worked as a therapist attached to the Environmental Health section of the Royal College of Art, and lectured in psychotherapy at the Roehampton Institute. Since the founding of Actor’s Mind, she has concentrated on training and developing consultants and leaders. Her private passions are sculpture, writing poetry and gardening.