Going Into the Danger Zone is a word picture of how it feels to go beyond the usual way of doing things. The Danger Zone is the ‘place’ in all of us where we are most likely to innovate and achieve mastery. It feels ‘dangerous’ because, although it’s the place of creativity and opportunity, it’s also the place of self risk. The ultimate aim of this course is to offer each delegate an opportunity to experience that place in themselves so that they can more authentically lead and facilitate change for others.


Into The Danger Zone was first commissioned in 1992 by Price Waterhouse to enable consultants in their Change Management Practice to design and deliver more innovative, exciting and distinctive change events. We have lead over 50 Danger Zone programmes in both Europe and the US since that time, achieving the highest of ratings in delegate assessments on both sides of the Atlantic.

“The best course of any description I’ve ever attended”


"As a direct result of this course, one other participant and I chose to take a completely unconventional line when presenting for some high-profile, prestige work. We won it, hands down, against stiff competition."

Managing Consultant

"After 'Danger Zone', I ran a ½ day client workshop which got the following client feedback: 'At times there were strokes of genius in this event.' Need I say more!"

Supervising Consultant

"This is probably the most important and most influential learning experience I have had in the past ten years. Although it's 'billing' - so to speak - was to run better change workshops, the course was really about personal development and understanding of oneself. It is therefore very relevant to all relationship situations - teams and leadership."

Managing Consultant

“If professional success depends, in part, on self-confidence, creativity, trust, teamwork, visibility, personality, courage or candour, then this course develops those qualities...It is the best single training program I have ever attended."