Selling is not logical.
A sale is a dramatic encounter in which something of value is at stake for both parties, but only one of them decides the outcome: The Buyer. Traditionally, selling techniques focus on ways to enable the salesperson to take control of the buying decision. In The Danger Zone™ of Selling however, you’ll learn how giving up this struggle frees you to focus on the things that really matter in a sale: What you offer, where you stand, and how effectively you communicate.

A sale is created in the moment of selling. In that moment you can act authentically. You can create distinction. Youcan build trust. You can promote understanding. You can create conditions which allow others to understand and appreciate the value of your offer. This is where your real power and influence lie.

We believe that it's possible for selling to be fun rather than frightening. It can be an expression of what you believe in, not of what you don't; an act of communication and not a confidence trick; an ethical extension of your professional role as a problem solver and a way of leading people to a better view of their situation.

The Danger Zone ™ of Selling offers you an opportunity to explore a more empowering paradigm of the selling situation, one which will take the spotlight off your fears and focus on the real contribution you can make to others.