What is it?

Actor’s Mind is our name for a particular way of thinking. Most often associated with sports and creative endeavour, this kind of thinking is “instinctive”, non-verbal, sensory, and all-at-once. It bypasses logic and deliberation, mobilising the innate“intuitive” abilities of the brain’s right hemisphere. Actor’s Mind complements the verbal, logical, step-by-step Analytic Mind we use to organise and plan.

Actor’s Mind operates in “real time”, giving immediate insight and action. It enables us to both perform and learn in the present moment, spontaneously adapting ourselves to the changing realities of the task in hand, rather than reacting to our fears and preconceived ideas about it.

When is it needed?

Using our Actor’s Mind enables us to excel when conditions demand improvisation and instantaneous learning. When there is not enough "hard" information or time to analyse and plan and something new or unforeseen is required. When intuitive "feel" and action, rather than logic and deliberation, make the crucial difference. The ability to perform in such conditions is often the key to success in communicating with others, whether it be in presenting, selling, leading, facilitating, or handling conflict and change.

What happens in Actor’s Mind™ Workshops?

Actor’s Mind™ Workshops are experiential. Delegates learn through risk, experiment, play, and practice. They learn to deal with uncertainty and utilise mistakes, to go beyond the one sided mental habits that have restricted their effectiveness and discover previously untapped abilities for creativity and authentic communication.

Who can benefit from the training?

Actor’s Mind™ Workshops are designed for senior executives, directors, managers and consultants who want to become more proactive in their work and gain a new perception of their own capabilities.