Actor’s Mind™ is a small executive development consultancy focused on the personal skills of Organisational Leadership and Change. Our clients have included Price Waterhouse Coopers, The Rover Group, National Power, The Halifax, The Home Office and British Telecom among others.

Our workshops are designed and lead by Andrew and Anita Harmon. Andrew worked internationally for over 15 years as a theatre director and acting teacher before founding Actor’s Mind™ in 1986. Anita, a psychotherapist and psychology teacher, also has an extensive background in acting. This marriage of theatre and humanistic psychology has produced a distinctive approach to behavioural change.

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We don’t analyse problems, we dramatise them. Participants in our workshops learn by doing, by becoming actors within the drama. Through action, risk taking and immediate feedback delegates discover the solutions and practice the skills they need to achieve their goals.

All our work has personal development as its core because we believe, first and foremost, in people, and in the power of creative collaboration between them.

All our workshops have a strong team-building element and use selfdiscovery as the game the team plays together.

We don't pretend to solve your problems, we expect you to do that. Our workshops are designed to give you an experience of what is stopping you, and of the intrinsic creative skills you already have to surmount the obstacle.

Actor’s Mind™ Workshops provide a laboratory, a safe space for discovering more effective ways of thinking and acting. We act as a catalyst for new, more resourceful behaviours, but responsibility for lasting change lies with you, and, in the end, is directly related to your organisation's determination to integrate creativity, autonomy and innovation into corporate everyday life